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Mindset Transformation / Energy Balance Coach

I help ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs transform mindset so they can achieve their biggest dreams and highest purpose WITHOUT stress, anxiety, overwhelm, or burnout

What's your morning routine?

Do you have one?

This used to be my typical morning routine...

I'd wake up. Grab my phone. Respond to emails. Stress out about all the things I had to do that day and all the things I didn't get done the day before. Jump out of bed. And rush off to prepare for the day.

I'd wake up feeling overwhelmed. Like I just couldn't seem to get enough sleep EVER. And I'd be stressed before I even got to work. By mid-day I was crashing. And by the evening I'd feel exhausted and depleted. But then I had to cook dinner, tend to the family and to the house.

At night, I'd crash into bed and pray for a good night's sleep. That's if I hadn't already fallen asleep while watching a movie I couldn't seem to get through.

Sound familiar at all?

From an energy standpoint, this way of going about our day never allows time to energize or re-energize. We feel imbalanced and depleted because we never charge up and we stay in fight or flight mode--reacting (rather than mindfully responding) to our environment.

Game Changer: A Mindful Start

As I studied energy healing and mindfulness meditation practices and techniques I began to see why I was always tired, always depleted, always feeling like I was trying to catch up.

And I changed things up - big time!

I implemented a mindful start to my day and it changed everything. I now start my day feeling calm, clear and centered. I look forward to the day ahead. And I feel energized.

I teach this to my clients who struggle with stress, burnout and/or overwhelm and in no time, they're feeling the same calm, clarity and centeredness which opens up the door to so much! Things like creativity, productivity, fulfillment, peace, and enjoyment of life.

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Are you exhausted before you even start your day?

Give yourself a mindful start to your day and watch your world change and quickly!

© Susan Eckert, MA, CH 2022